Day 3 - Cleanse 2017

My absolute favorite part about following a cleanse is the focus on self-care. This means baths every day, indulgent yet healthy smoothies, clay face masks, infrared saunas, herbal teas, guided meditations, chakra balancing ... I feel like a spiritual gangster. VIP to the max.

I am still suffering from major jetlag, so I woke up at 5:30 am. I laid in bed until TWELVE-THIRTY PM. I did some work on my phone while practicing corpse pose, but mostly swiped strangers on Bumble. I felt pangs of guilt for not getting shit done, but ultimately, this rest felt necessary after going nonstop for the last 3 weeks on my trip.

Later in the day, after a fresh pressed, homemade carrot, romaine, celery, apple, and lemon juice with 1 drop of ginger essential oil, and then a spinach, avocado, banana, cacao, coconut, and peppermint oil smoothie, I had a surge of inspiration and motivation around 3pm. This is typically when my brain turns on, and because of the way our corporate society is structured, I've been forced to be a morning person for decades, which has been nothing short of torture. So I'm starting to understand and honor my natural circadian rhythms, though they are seriously scrambled after London.

I took TWO baths today. One midday because, well, I could, and then one this evening because I was freezing, and it's the ultimate way to warm up the body on a cellular level. With all the rain in LA recently, I didn't feel the same guilt I normally would about using all that water. Forget guilt, it's a waste of energy. The sense of joy and peace I feel from taking care of myself in this way far outweighs any environmental faux pas.

It's only 11:15 pm - 3 hours earlier than my regular bedtime - and I'm feeling sufficiently sleepy and relaxed. This means I'll likely wake up tomorrow before 8 am. Until I get back on track with my sleep schedule, I'll play the role of a morning person. I do love acting, after all.