Day 5 - Cleanse 2017

And the rains came down ...

Today was intense, and the weather in LA matched that intensity. Of course I picked TODAY to drive all over South Bay and OC for various appointments, but it felt cleansing to have the water torrentially pour down onto my car, jostling my Mini Cooper around the freeway like it was in an aqueous pinball machine. This rain felt symbolic of the imminent changes in the country, and I was grateful that nature seemed to echo the sentiments I was feeling today.

Despite emotional distractions, I stayed on task with my self-care, as true change starts with us. I had an awesome coaching session with my powerful friend, Sara Krish, who is helping me light my goals on fire. More to come on my progress, as this was the first week of our work together.

I followed this up with a trip to my chiropractor, who is featured in the pic below - how cute is she with her spine?!?! I suffered a whiplash injury from a car accident in September, and with all my recent travels, I haven't been taking the best care of my neck and back. So an adjustment was far overdue. If you live in OC and are looking for a great practitioner, definitely connect with Dr. Danielle BeVier at LIV Integrative Health. They have a gorgeous, spacious, brand new office in Newport Beach, and a range of therapies available. including massage and Pilates. I felt 5 inches taller and 100 times less tense after I left.

Right now, it's about 8:45 pm, and I'm going to bed. I'm still on London time, which is actually a blessing since I'm getting up massively early tomorrow to get my Women's March on. I will be walking in solidarity with my fellow females (and males) to stand up for our rights. Let's do this, 2017.