Day 7 - Cleanse 2017

I'm writing this a day late because I was too damn exhausted last night to keep my eyes open past 9:30 pm. I still have not recovered from jet lag, but I'm kind of loving the early nights and early mornings. I'm typically burning the midnight oil, so it's a new feeling to be up early, eating all the worms.

Yesterday, Sunday, I woke up right on time at 5:30 am, and waited in anxious anticipation for my 8:30 am departure to see Max. I love the name Max. I had always envisioned naming my first son Max. And now, I was on my way to meet Max, The Crystal Skull. Max is an ancient crystal skull that sends intuitive messages and radiates pure love. To get the full scoop, you can visit this site:

I'll admit, I was nervous. An ancient crystal skull that sends intuitive messages?!?!? The radiating pure love part did not soothe my anxiety. But, fortunately, I was going with a group of ladies that I consider to be my soul sisters, so I knew at the very least, I could hold someone's hand if I really got spooked.

It is raining HARD. Which is my favorite. I love, love, love the rain. I even get depressed when it stops raining. No wonder England is my spirit country.

Each of us books from our cars to seek refuge under the apartment building awning, converging so the 4 of us can go up together. Max is owned by a woman named JoAnn, and she stays with her friend Valerie when she's in LA, so it was Valerie's apartment that we were headed up to. Who are these women that are totally cool with a psychic rock listening to all their thoughts all day?! SO curious.

We get to the door and take off our rainboots, and as the door opens, I get the sense my life's about to shift a little bit. Two very sweet older women answer the door, and a parrot squawks so loudly, we all almost hit the ground in fear. But it's a friendly parrot, so we enter.

It is bright white and orange inside, with stuffed unicorns and crystals strategically placed in all corners. I instantly feel at home. It smells of essential oils and sage-like herbs. We keep small talk to a minimum, and go straight into the room where Max awaits us. I suddenly feel like I'm 5 years old, and I'm about to be cradled by a wise, loving grandfather.

The room is much smaller and brighter than I had expected. I sort of thought we were going to enter some kind of spiritual crack den, but it was more like a spiritual emergency room. Max was propped up on a table surrounded by more crystals and rose petals, and there was a giant pink stuffed unicorn sitting atop a cushy chair in the corner. I am comforted.

Our guide, the incredible Stacey J. Warner, asked who wanted to go first, and my brain instantly said, "I DO." It's unusual for me to volunteer to go first, being an introvert and all. I typically like to have some time to warm up and see what other people are doing first, but it was very clear that I had to go first.

As excited and intrigued as I was, I was equally skeptical. I mean, this is just a big white rock that was shaped to look like a skull. (I should mention that the skull was not carved but hand molded over thousands of years, which is pretty freaking astonishing. Humans are incredible. Nature is incredible.) I sit down in a chair directly facing him, and I feel a bit silly. I'm supposed to just sit and do whatever feels natural. Ummm, oh yeahhhhhh, this is totally natural. I do this all the time, sit in front of a crystal skull and wait for my destiny to be revealed. 

So, I sit there. Nothing. Continue sitting. Nothing. I touch his head. Nothing. NO messages. NO "feelings." This isn't going to work. Holy f"ck it's a sham. Oh my god, there's something wrong with me. I'm not doing this right. Are you real, Max? Are you really thousands of years old? Why aren't you talking to me?!?!? Is there a secret soul inside those crystal cracks? How many people have touched you over the years? Oh, you feel kinda sticky. You really need to be cleaned off. Eww, germs. 

Suddenly, I get the impulse to put my forehead on his forehead. This is about 10 minutes into me sitting there. And I follow the impulse because over the last 10 minutes, I noticed I had started to get a headache. I usually get headaches when I'm around crystals. So resting my head on his forehead would be nice. 

And almost instantly, I begin to cry. First, just gently weeping, so gently that I almost don't notice it at first. And then, it quickly turns into full on ugly cry. Because I heard him. He very clearly said, "Whenever you doubt that you are loved, remember that I love you." I straight out lost my shit. It was beautiful. And exactly what I needed to hear. He also said that I already knew everything I needed to know, that the answers were within me, so I didn't need to ask him anything. That we could just be together and rest with each other. And a few moments later, I stopped crying, and I felt the connection was complete.

I went back to my little spot on the carpet next to the pink unicorn, and I felt cleansed. I felt like a clear channel, open to love. I witnessed the other 2 women have their experiences with Max, and it really felt like a group communion. We all bonded in a way that was very unique to the energy in the room. And that energy was INTENSE. By the end of our allotted hour, I could barely see straight because my forehead was throbbing so much. In thinking about it now, the headache was likely some kind of third-eye and crown chakra cleansing or amplification, which seems accurate considering the messages that Stacey received from Max (she's an intuitive).

Before we left, we took some pics with Max. He's kind of a flirt. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. He's got an energetic charm, and he loves the ladies. Go see for yourself. 

As we leave Max, I feel a little sad. I want to hold onto my heart openness forever. But I know that Max will always be with me now, so I bring myself to walk out of the room.

We exchange pleasantries with the ladies, and her parrot dive bombs me. I freak out, and I freak out the parrot, and we have a good laugh because it's a nice parrot. He tries again after a few moments, and lands daintily on my shoulder, and I'm chill about it this time. And I feel the energy of this parrot. This parrot has power. Apparently, he's a Reiki master, and yes, yes he is. I believe it.

We leave Valerie's place to venture out into the rain and find a place to brunch. Stacey had suggested the Farmer's Market at the Grove, and I was horrified by the suggestion - you know it's raining, right? I didn't realize the Market is covered, so we took our chances at Hugo's and waited the better part of an hour to be seated. Ooops, you should probably listen to the intuitive lady. 

At brunch, Stacey gives us notes about the messages she received from Max during our session. The main theme: Amanda, stop thinking so much with your head and start thinking with your heart. Maybe that's why Max was trying to vibrationally blow up open my third-eye chakra. Turns out there is a disconnect between my divine self and the image of my self, and that I need to trust that everything I'm seeking outside myself is already within. I need to live in the mystery of not knowing. That deep down, I already know, and I can stop living in the past, and start "being" and connecting fully from the heart. Alrighty, then, Max. Challenge accepted.

*Confession: today was not the ideal cleansing day in terms of eating. HOWEVER, I fully believe in listening to your body's inner voice. And mine was telling me I desperately needed a burger and fries. Now, that could be mistaken as an unhealthy craving, but I decided to listen to the voice and eat the burger. Gluten-free bun, I only ate half, and shared my fries with others at the table, so I didn't feel grossly full at the end. And I must say, I felt amazing afterwards: stronger, rejuvenated, energized. So as much as I've been loving the raw greens, juices, smoothies, and salads, my body needed some meat. And later that afternoon, I had a hard cider, which I consumed somewhat begrudgingly and didn't enjoy as much because it went straight to my head, and I felt kinda sick. In this case, I did not listen to my inner wisdom. Lesson learned.