Day 8 - Cleanse 2017

I am exhausted today.

Still hella jet lagged. Woke up at 4:30 am, and at least today, I was productive. But then around 1:30 pm, I crashed but was too hyped up to sleep. Should have used my Basil and Geranium oils for some adrenal support, so I'm gonna do that now so I can fall asleep shortly. (It is 7:15pm PT.)

After my experience with Max yesterday (read the Day 6 blog post for details), I am feeling ready to commit to deeper inner work. It's funny because recently I was thinking, man, I am doing reaaaaaaaaaaallly well right now emotionally. I think I've got it figured out. So Max's wisdom was very humbling, and made me realize the lessons never end. 

What's great is that I'm in this AWESOME book club with 5 super powerhouse, conscious ladies, and it just so happens that our next book is EXACTLY what I need to read: Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. Max told me that I'm disconnected, and oh haiiii, this book addresses exactly that: how to get the mind, body, and spirit to unify through the "Rainbow Bridge," an awesome term for the 7 central chakra centers. I'll be honest, I've only read the first 3 pages, but I'm already onboard. Can't wait to see how my Kundalini unfurls as I consume the next 501 pages! (YES, 501 pages.)