Day 21 + 22 - Cleanse 2017

Celebration has been the theme of the last couple of days.

First, on Thursday, I finally started drinking this detox tea that was whipped up for me back in December by this genius French medical intuitive back. The boiling/straining process seemed complicated so I put it off for two months. How I ever get anything done with this kind of mentality probably seems nothing short of a miracle. But, I trust it was the right timing. I'm learning how to trust my "procrastination" and stop pressuring myself to do things only when I think, or someone else thinks, I should. And the tea was delicious. I think it had catnip in it because I found the ziploc bag of tea half shredded in my cat's sleeping corner. I managed to retrieve it before the $120 worth of herbs was matted into her fur-ridden kitty bed. Success.

Also on Thursday, I led a Self-Love Celebration at my home. Now, I am a SERIOUS introvert. I rarely have friends over, and I cherish my sacred time alone, which is 90% of the time. So the thought of having a celebration at my home instantly makes me feel uncomfortable. But, 2017 is the year of pushing through discomfort to see what's on the other side so I booked the date, invited a bunch of people, and figured out the details later. I'm finding this tactic quite effective. If I pick a date and advertise it to the world, then I have to make good on it. Extreme accountability. Turns out, the celebration was FUN. I had an excuse to do a deep cleaning of my home, which is always refreshing, and then I cultivated as sacred of a space as I could. We had the perfect group of ladies show up, and through a combo of energy clearings, guided meditation, essential oils, tarot readings, and love offerings, we had a beautifully connected and relaxed evening. I want to create more space and time like this.

Finally, on Friday, yesterday, which still feels like Friday since I'm still awake at 12:50 am, I was reminded by Facebook that it was almost exactly a year ago that I left my corporate job of 6 years to pursue a life of fulfillment, freedom, travel, and bliss. At the time, part of me thought that maybe I had lost my mind for wanting to leave - I was a Vice President of Marketing at a financial company, I made a very handsome salary, I had a generous health benefits plan, and a steadily growing 401K. I was living the dream. Only, it was someone else's dream. And a little voice in my head kept telling me that there was more. That this wasn't the path I was meant to take. So after months and months of trying to stifle the voice, I finally gave in and made the call to my wonderful manager (truly, she is what is good about corporate America) that I was leaving. Tears were shed, but my heart was lighter. I knew it was the right choice. And now, the sense of freedom and adventure that I feel will always outweigh a "stable income opportunity."

Time to celebrate.