European Healing Journey - Days 1-2

I am on a healing journey.

I visited a witch doctor, and I've now heeded her advice to spend a month in Budapest, bathing in the thermal waters in attempt to bust through an energetic shell that has cocooned me since birth.

On the way to Hungary, I'm making a few stops - the first being New York City, my old stomping grounds. That image of the Manhattan skyline is my view for the next week as I slowly adjust to a 3-hour time difference, making the next 6-hour time jump a bit less overwhelming.

Yesterday, Saturday, 3/25/17, I landed at 6:30 am ET in JFK after a red-eye flight, where I was unsuccessful in getting any shut-eye whatsoever. On the plane, I drank the Glenfiddich that came free with my Main Cabin Select upgrade on Virgin America, and watched Office Christmas Party, starring my boo, Kate MacKinnon.  Don't worry, we will be best friends one day.

I spent the day resting and relaxing in my friend's gorgeous Jersey City apartment, hiding from the bitter East Coast cold from which I escaped 3 years ago. I had Postmates deliver all my food for the day - smoothie, kale salad, and a rice bowl - and I watched the 2 most recent episodes of Girls. It was liberating to have left my regular life behind in Los Angeles, and be back near where all the action in Girls actually happens. Made the show-watching that much more lifelike.

Now that I feel more rested today after crashing at 8:30 pm ET last night (yes, that means I PTFO during happy hour PT), I'm finally getting excited for what's about to unfold over the next 2 months.

Today, Sunday, 3/26/17, I indulged in a brunch with $4 bellinis (no, alcohol is not part of the healing, but I'm not in Buda yet!) that was a 4-minute walk from the apartment. Next up is dinner at a restaurant that is a 3-minute walk from the apartment. I shall avoid the weather as much as humanly possible.

Later, I plan to binge-watch Shameless, and feel reassured about how normal I am.

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