European Healing Journey - Day 4

I got to sleep in today until 10:30 am ET, so even though that's waayyyyy early morning PT, it felt indulgent.

More meetings and coaching sessions today, but much less of a rat race. I did, however, have breakfast and lunch delivered once again. Postmates is a dream come true, and why didn't anyone master this years ago?! It's basically Kozmo--my late-90's New Yorkers remember this--but just lucrative and reliable.

The office view pictured here is unreal. I've been staring at Manhattan while I strategize about my business. I feel like a full-on LADY BOSS. Wheelin' and dealin' over in Jersay Citay.

I left the apartment today, and of course, I picked THE worst day to do it - cold and seriously rainy. Thank god I had the foresight to purchase an umbrella before I headed East, and I actually remembered to pack it along with my rainboots. ADULTING.

Reason for leaving the apartment? Dinner with my NYU doppelganger. We were so matchy tonight, with our black-rimmed glasses and side-parted dirty blonde hair, that I regret not getting a picture of us just to prove my point. We ate a fancy dinner at a fancy French restaurant in the neighb, and it prepared me for what I am about to experience when I go to actual FRANCE on Sunday. 

Went home. Took a bath in Patchouli, Clary Sage, and Juniper Berry-infused water. Writing this blog. Reading a few chapters from "You are a Badass." Bedding. Night night.