European Healing Journey - Day 5


Today, I pre-gamed the healing by seeing an acupuncturist in NYC.

In September, I was in a minor car accident, and I managed to get a sweet case of whiplash. I've seen a smattering of chiropractors and massage therapists, and these therapies certainly help, but I find that after a week or so, the pain creeps back in.

I've been hearing amazing things about this acupuncturist in Flatiron--my friend Robin has basically said he's a damn-near magician--and I figured it was time for me to finally make an appointment.

In advance of our meeting, I filled out a comprehensive set of questions online, and it was refreshing not to have to rush through all that while sitting in the waiting room.

I arrived 10 minutes late due to a voiceover booking that started and ran late, but the office was extremely accommodating, and escorted me straight to the treatment room where I waited just long enough to snap the shot pictured above.

Stephen Cohen, who I'd met before since we are crossline doTERRA team members and dear friends of the aforementioned Robin, spent a good chunk of time reviewing my health history. Based on some of the issues I mentioned with the pain in my neck and menstrual cramping, along with looking at the veins under my tongue, he quickly deduced that I was dehydrated and my blood was not flowing properly. As a result, there's constriction around my neck, and there's not enough blood nourishing my brain. Sounds kinda serious.

Needles come out. 

I get "comfortable" on the table, and I put that word in quotes because I always get a little nervous and twitchy before the needles go in. My nerves are quickly assuaged as he expertly inserts needles into my feet and legs, and deftly feels around pressure points to see how the energy is moving - he can tell the areas that are sensitive and tender in a way that seems psychic.

He then does this crazy but effective technique of twisting the needles into the muscles around my neck and shoulders to help release lactic acid. I am failing to recall the name of this technique, but it was terrifying to hear him describe what he was going to do. It was also intensely painful when he was doing it, but after the initial spasms, I felt a great deal of release and relaxation.

After about an hour or so of needle time, we wrapped up, and he warned me that if I did not drink enough water, I'd have extreme soreness and discomfort the next day. SO, as a good patient, I've been drinking water like it's my job--and it really should be my job considering how my blood's got problems.

If you are a looking for a skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist in the city, definitely check out Axiom Holistic at KIMA Wellness Center. The Center is gorgeous, and I felt well-taken care of.

I return back to NY from my healing journey in mid-May, so I'm very curious to see what 30 days of bathing in and drinking sulfur water will do for my hydration status. I believe a revisit will be in order.