Healing Journey - Day 18

Thank you for convincing me to go to Paris. I had planned only to spend time in London and Budapest, so my Paris visit was a bit of a whim. And hot damn, was it one of the best decisions EVER. I'm all aglow from that trip, and will be lit for weeks to come.

Leaving was less bitter and more sweet because I brilliantly left my Ispahan macaron to be consumed at the airport. After I had my morning juice, and then ate a tasty gluten-free sammy from Wild and the Moon, I unwrapped my indulgent and equally gluten-free treat, and promptly inhaled it while waiting to board the flight.

I departed sweet, sweet Paris at 3:30 PM and landed in Budapest at 5:30 PM. Immediately, the energy shift was palpable: much more grounded and alllllll about the root chakra energy. Everything is different here: the architecture, language, intonation, money, food, prices, customs, bone structure. I didn't do much when I arrived other than unpack and get dinner, so I am curious to explore and learn more about this culture.

The apartment where I'm staying is AMAZING. It's like if Mister Rogers Neighborhood met Oscar Wilde met Andy Warhol met a 70's porn set. I love every single bit of it. I WISH YOU COULD ALL BE HERE AND SEE IT. 

I will post more pics in the coming days so you can get a taste of this majesty.

The building and everything inside of it are old as all get out, so I busted out my OnGuard spray to neutralize energy, freshen and purify the air, and ward off any unwanted critters, especially in the linens.

As a convenient and synchronistic twist of fate, my Aunt JUST spent 3 months in Budapest. Yelp doesn't exist in this country, so I don't have to be sad--I can get personalized recommendations from her! She sent me to have dinner tonight at Magyar Qtr, which turned out to be a 4-minute walk from my apartment (which is actually more like a house. Who wants to visit?!?!). It was unexpectedly exceptional. I had 2 courses and 3 glasses of wine (I mean, it's the last supper before my cleanse!!!), and it was TWENTY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS. This would have easily cost me $75 in Paris. I'm in love already.

Couple all of this with the bright and beautiful full moon, I'd say that my Paris trip is being reborn in Eastern Europe ...