Healing Journey - Day 19

My first full day in Budapest, and I spend the day erranding. The entire city is going to shut down for Easter, so I'm basically stocking up like it's an apocalypse. (Or the second coming of Jesus Christ.)

My first stop was the Great Market Hall. It was totally overwhelming, and since my cleanse started today, I had a bladder full of a 16 oz green juice and a huge bottle of water. So needless to say, I could not deal. And to use the bathroom here, you had to pay in Forints, and I still have to exchange my cash. I zipped through and zipped out just as quickly to go straight home for the loo.

After my pit stop, I walked to the Bio ABC store to stock up on nutritional yeast and herbamare, along with some other cleanse-friendly items. On the way ... SPRING! Flowers are in full bloom.

I ate all my meals at home today!!! 

Started with a juice made from the fresh fruits and veggies that my sweet Airbnb host left for me--apples, carrots, and cucumbers.

An hour later, I had a banana--also gifted by the host.

For lunch, it was a bit skimpy since I was rushing to get food put away before a coaching session: gluten-free crisps and olive oil.

I had to slam a snack because dinner wasn't going to happen until much later, so I had a gluten-free Hungarian health bar that was surprisingly tasty.

Around 6 PM, I loaded up, put on my walking shoes, and booked it an hour north to see a play by one of my fellow Columbia grads! Synchronistically, this show just happened to be playing only one night--tonight--as part of the big Spring arts festival, AND it was in English. Another Columbia grad mentioned the show to me, and I've actually never met the grad who created it. So cool that I got to see theater directly upon arrival to this city! I'm taking it as a sign I'm on the right path.

Since I have no Forints, no Yelp, and no idea how to use the public transportation system, I walked ALL THE WAY HOME. It took me an hour. But, I got to marvel at this!

Dinner was a giant salad with olive oil, tomatoes, leafy greens, and the aforementioned herbamare and nutritional yeast. I followed that with 2 slices of toasted gluten-free bread and olive oil. I need to stock up on more veggies to keep my options fresh rather than packaged--the organic spot had a disappointing selection, so back to the Great Market in the morning!