Healing Journey - Day 22

I ROCKED my cleanse today.

I woke up earlier than usual, having gone to bed much earlier last night, and I stuck to my plan like whoa.

  • Hot water with lemon upon arising
  • 1 hour later: fresh juice - beet, carrot, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger
  • 1 hour later: smoothie - banana, mango, coconut milk, cinnamon, cleansing tea, honey, raw cacao, DDR prime PLUS took 1/2 dose of all supplements
  • Bathed for 1 hour and 45 minutes in the thermal water + drank two 32 oz containers of sulfur water
  • When I got back: gluten-free toast with avocado, olive oil, herbamare, nutritional yeast and the second dose of supplements
  • Drank detox tea along with more sulfur water
  • 5 hours after the toast: little gem salad with tomatoes, olive oil, herbamare, nutritional yeast
  • 45 minutes later: steamed veggies - onion, garlic, carrot, parsnip, broccoli, turnip with olive oil

Amazingly, I did not feel famished in the evening like I normally do. My acupuncturist recently told me that I'm severely dehydrated, so I've been hyper focused on hydration. Sometimes our minds can mistake thirst for hunger, so with all the sulfur water I'm drinking, I think things are getting back on track.


This guy looks like he could use a dose of his own medicine (he spurts out the sulfurous drinking water).

More Budapest beauty on my walk home from bathing!

Bathing all day is exhausting. DON'T LAUGH. It really is. Tonight was another low-key night. I did work. No surprise there.

I have become obsessed with my Airbnb apartment's Oscar-Wilde-style sitting corner, pictured below, and I intend to sit there all the time now.

I'm signing off, and plan to follow the same schedule tomorrow. Wish me luck (I hate schedules).