Healing Journey - Day 20

I'm a wee bit behind on posting. I decided to have a night on the town Thursday night--very anti-cleanse--and it took me 2 days to recover! It wasn't even that I got crazy drunk or anything. I actually had either an allergic reaction to something I ate OR I experienced something similar to a Herx response (which is basically detoxing too quickly, resulting in feverishness, rashes, headaches, etc.) after being in the in the thermal baths at Gellert for 2 hours. I had a serious migraine all night Thursday night, so I didn't sleep well, and Friday ended up being mellow.

I started Thursday (4/13/17) off with full my cleansing agenda. Here's a snapshot:

  • Upon awaking: Oil pulling with coconut oil and OnGuard essential oil
  • Lots of water and 2 Terrazyme digestive enzymes
  • 30 minutes later: fresh juice with apples, carrots, cucumber and ginger
  • 1 hour later: smoothie with coconut milk, banana, raw cacao, cinnamon and DDR Prime 
  • Before my next meal, I had 2 large containers of sulfur water from the drinking fountain at the baths
  • 2 hours after the smoothie: raw energy bar with dates, cashews, raisins, cacao
  • 4 hours later (I waited too long to eat): trout, spinach, garlic, and Rose wine (not totally part of the cleanse protocol, oops)

I was feeling pretty great. I stuck to my agenda most of the day.

And the baths were amazing!!! BEAUTIFUL architecture. I felt transported back a few centuries. The baths themselves were incredibly soothing, and BONUS!--your fingers don't get all pruney like in the regular bath since the water is so rich in minerals.. If I hadn't gotten voraciously hungry, I could've stayed all day.

So, around 4:30 PM, I made the (slightly chilly from wet hair) journey home, got cleaned up, and headed into the night.

On the way to dinner, I caught a live and lively band playing music in the square. There is a huge Spring festival happening through next weekend, so this crew was part of the show. The musical instruments were wound with Christmas lights, and all the musicians were in great spirits, which infected the entire crowd--smiles all around from ear to ear.

And I saw a ferris wheel!! Who needs the London Eye, anyways.

I was headed to this falafel place that I did NOT find on Yelp because Yelp doesn't exist here (Grrrrrr), but it seemed decent from the research I did online. However, when I walked up to the entrance, it looked terrifying and I did not go in. I fortunately was in the restaurant mecca part of town, so I found a cute place nearby that looked cozy (and safe).

As I was sitting at the bar of Getto Gulyas, having just enjoyed an extremely healthy meal and reveling in my willpower against eating all the bread, I started to feel very hot. Like, VERY hot. As if I had gotten a raging sunburn from being out in the outdoor baths for an hour with no sunscreen or shade. I went to the restroom, and when I looked in the mirror, I was pretty freaked out. My entire chest and face was lit up in a crazy rash. I rushed back to my seat and started googling "hospitals near me." However, my throat wasn't closing up, so I decided it wasn't an emergency. So, of course, I went to a club. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

I was SOOOO close to this place I'd been hearing about called Szimpla Kert that's known as Budapest's most famous "ruin bar." I walked 30 minutes to get here, and I was determined to see it, death or no death. And it was pretty friggin awesome. They took a giant warehouse and built different bars in nooks of the building. There is random art everywhere, and in the center of the place is a big outdoor courtyard for drinking, dancing, and socializing. I was in awe of it all, and wandered around for a couple hours, occasionally fighting off drunken male tourists who were clearly not used to the higher alcohol content in European liquor. I got my dance on as well, and I felt satisfied that I had some fun before things get real with the cleanse protocol.