Healing Journey - Day 23


I didn't follow the schedule today. AT ALL.

But, it's Easter!

No, I don't celebrate it, but virtually everyone else in this city does.

So I went to the outdoor markets, took myself to brunch, went and saw a castle, and loved every minute of it.

I think J.C. would approved of these choices. I'm celebrating life, and it's his re-birthday, after all.

I DID, however, eat very well, start a morning ritual, and go to the baths. So, there.

I'm very excited about the morning ritual. It's something I've been wanting to cultivate for months, but distraction has always gotten the better of me. This morning, I created a little Zen Den in my Oscar-Wilde-style writing corner, made some tea, used my heart-chakra-opening oil blend, burned some Palo Santo, and prayed and journaled. It was divine.


Before I made the 40-minute walk to lunch (I don't believe in using public transportation when I'm in a new city since walking is the best way to discover it. Plus, EXERCISE), I had a fresh juice of carrot, apple, beet, celery, cucumber and ginger. Enzymes were flyin' high. I made a booking at a cute little cafe called Slow Foodiez, and enjoyed a delicious raw veggie wrap.

Ahead of me was a 30-minute walk to check out a new bath house called Szechenyi, which is like an amusement park of thermal baths. On Saturday nights, they have these big bath parties with popular DJs and everyone gets cray. 


Happy Easter to me.

I wandered around the grounds for a while, drooling at all the food I'm not supposed to eat, and managed to resist THESE.

AND these--balm to an Irish girl's soul.

I'm telling you, I am COMMITTED to this cleanse. (Please Goddess give me the strength to stay committed to this cleanse.)

Don't you want to just live here?!?!

After all that, I didn't go to the new bath house. The line was like 100 people long. So I made the hour-long walk back to my regular spot--the quiet, unsexy, and low-key Gellert.

I spent about an hour and 45 minutes popping back and forth between the 36 degree and 40 degree Celsius (96.8 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit) pools, and started getting woozy. 

Drank tons of the sulfur water, and implemented a part of the protocol that I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT. Once I'm finished bathing, I'm supposed to slather myself with apple cider vinegar to neutralize the pH of my skin, and then mix fractionated coconut oil with Ginger essential oil, and rub that in on top to warm up the skin and prevent reabsorption of the toxins into the cells. Glad I remembered that. All this work for naught--I probably would go ahead and jump off the bridge in this picture.

No I wouldn't. Life is too damn beautiful.

Plus, I'd miss salad.