Healing Journey - Day 24

Adventures in Airbnb-ing!

Last night when I came home from the baths around 8:15, it was pitch dark outside. I sloughed off all my outerwear, got on my magenta slippers, and went into the study to start some work.

As I flipped on the light switch, the chandelier nearly exploded. A fuse blew out, and it blew out the lights in the entire apartment except the kitchen. Pitch black inside to match the outside.

I was too exhausted to deal with it, so I just walked around with the flashlight on my phone on. It was kind of like inside camping in a foreign country!

Today, I had to fix it. 

The Airbnb lady was very patient with me on the phone while I tried to figure out what circuit breakers to play with. It's a 100-year-old building, so I didn't want to chance blowing the place up. Eventually, I had to climb THIS ladder, and poke the breakers with a broom. I nearly peed myself. I do NOT enjoy heights. Nor do I enjoy poking potentially fatal electrical devices.

It ended up being easy to fix, and I felt accomplished.

I then got started on my morning ritual: burned some Palo Santo, prayed, journaled, and manifested with some crystals under the warmest blankie ever.

Juiced, smoothied, and mosied on over to the Bath house. Look at this cool castle built into the rock!!

On my way to the bathing area, a Hungarian attendant greeted me with a "Hello." I've become seriously confused about what language I speak--having just been in Paris, hanging with some Argentinians, and being exposed to a whole range of other tourists--that I responded with "Hola!" WTF.

I've got my changing routine down to a science. I come already dressed in my swimsuit, with just a pair of paints over it, and my hoodie and jacket. My shoes are jellies, so they are comfy to walk in and also double as flip flops. I also have all my bathing necessities in a bag inside of a larger bag, so I can easily lift it out, and the larger bag has my wallet and keys in it, which I keep in the locker. So I'm in and out of the crowded dressing room in 60 seconds flat. BOOM.

For some reason, I was feeling woozy in the baths today. I really couldn't stand the hot, hot bath for very long. And now, 6 hours later, I'm wondering if it's a detox response. I need to drink a ton more water tomorrow, and take it easy (aka, do less work).

I left around 5:30 pm and headed home to do work (haha). To get there, I have to cross over this bridge every time. And every time I marvel at it. 

I led a Chakra-balancing webinar tonight! Wanna watch it? https://youtu.be/dNKtoQUisq8

I keep saying, "I'm going to bed at 11:30 pm tonight, for reals this time!" It hasn't happened yet. Normally it's 2:30 am when I crash, and tonight, it's only 1:30 am, so ... PROGRESS!