Healing Journey - Day 26

So yesterday I was releasing demons, and today was a little more chill, relatively speaking.

It was incredibly rainy, windy, cold, and overall nasty outside today. 

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Started the day with my morning routine:

  • Oil pulling with raw coconut oil and OnGuard essential oil
  • Hot water with lemon
  • Detox tea
  • "Juicy Juice" (beet, carrot, apple, celery, cucumber ginger, lemon)
  • Smoothie (coconut milk, frozen banana, cinnamon, cacao, DDR Prime)

I know what you're thinking. And YES. I have to pee every 20 flipping minutes for the rest of the day after imbibing all these liquids. Especially because I'm drinking a GALLON of sulfur water once I get to the baths. (Are catheters really that painful? Isn't it time for adult diapers to start trending?!)

Look what I discovered! The Hungarian Airbnb lady has glasses in the shape of hearts!!!! I'm getting signs of love all over the place.

On top of that, I charged my tarot cards with my heart gem stone, and I PULLED THE LOVERS CARD. Watch out, fellas ...

I went to the baths as usual, got some dry sauna action on, and then got an aromatherapy massage with jasmine oil. I think I earned all that, you know, with purging Satan and all.

Went back to my new fave spot, Vegan Love, and got the shiitake mushroom burger. Only problem was they put some fake vegan cheese on it that looked like mucus, and I almost puked. I reaaaaaaaally can't do the fake cheese thing. Just, no.

Rest of the evening consisted of hiding from the weather, steaming up some veggies and tossing them with vegan pesto (NO FAKE CHEESE IN IT, thank you very much), finishing a few coaching calls, and packing for a 2-night getaway--I'm gonna go bathe in a cave!!! 

Stay tuned for pics and updates ... I may not report back again until Saturday ...