European Healing Journey - Days 7-9


The last few days are a blur.

Friday, I spent the morning and early afternoon getting myself together to fly to Europe the next day, all while heading into final planning mode for a major advancement in my business. AND preparing to teach a class later that evening. Needless to say, I was whelmed.

I managed to organize myself by setting alarms in my phone so I wouldn't get lost in time. I would say that method was pretty effective since I checked virtually everything off my list, and left the house in time to catch the intended NJ Transit train to Cranford, where my dear friend Jen A was picking me up. In my haste, however, I forgot that I actually had to BUY a ticket to get on the train. I just ran on, not even once thinking about the ticket situation, so I had to pay a small surcharge when the conductor came by - which ended up being more than the ticket itself. Fortunately, I had some cash on me, which I usually never do. Cash money saves the day.

The class was a blast. The ladies that joined were great sports, very open to learning about essential oils, and we all got sufficiently oiled up. Directly after it ended, I got totally wrapped up in putting in orders since I had only a few hours left in the day to create enough sales to reach my goal. Note to self - do not schedule classes on the last evening of the month. UNLESS, you'd like to have a heart attack in your 30s.

I was up until the wee hours of the morning, checking and double-checking my back office to ensure the numbers added up. And lo and behold around 2 am, I was in celebration mode. I reached my goal, and beyond! Then, of course, I was so hyped up on adrenaline that I couldn't sleep and had to arise somewhat early in the morning to attend an all-day team training. Note to self - do not commit yourself to an all-day team training when you have to fly to Europe later that evening.

Actually though, the training was awesome, and I'm glad I made it. I got to see all my crossline doTERRIANS and celebrate all of their achievements at month-end. Our team freaking rocks, and it enhanced my joy and gratitude for my business.

My sis came to the training with me, and we cut out early to get to the airport so she could meet our bro and his fiance in Philly for a night out. I was happy to get there early and stress-free, and I'm guessing because it was April Fool's Day, I had the whole damn place to myself. I ate at the bar of a "Belgian" restaurant, and met a friendly young gent who is into tiny houses and permaculture. I normally keep my head down and don't make small talk with strangers, but something told me to open up for once in my life. We had a super interesting convo, and now I have a new (Instagram) friend. And visions of tiny houses in my future.

Flight to London was smooth, but I barely slept. The tiny bits of turbulence are enough to skyrocket my adrenaline. I arrived at Heathrow haggard and ripe, and almost had my Deep Blue Rub taken from me by security because it was 10 mL too big of a container to take in carry-on luggage. I almost lost it. No one takes baby's Deep Blue away. Somehow, my stalwart conviction melted their hearts of steel, and I was successful in retaining it, got some desperately-needed green veggies at the Giraffe restaurant, and hopped on my short flight to Paris.

Now, here I am, in a VERY TINY but well-positioned flat in La Marais, with stunning sunset views of the Eiffel Tower. The energy here is in full Spring swing, so although I'm passing out early tonight, I plan to be up early and out with the locals. Bonjour, Paris!