Healing Journey - Day 32

Guys, I still have more than half of my journey left!!! And can I admit something? Pretty sure I'm addicted to travel. I'm already planning a Slovenia/Croatia trip for October even though I said I was gonna put down roots in LA and not travel for awhile. Sorry, not sorry!!!

I sleep a glorious 9 hours last night and wake up refreshed at 11:30 am.

Back to the morning ritual:

Hot water with lemon

Detox tea

Juicy Juice (beets, celery, apples, cucumber, carrots, ginger, lemon)

Coconut milk, banana and cacao smoothie with supplements.


While all of the liquids are happening, I focus on different personal development activities. Today, it's all about the Get Rich, Lucky Bitch Manifesting Formula. If you sighed at that sentence, I feel you. I used to think "manifestation" was a marketing ploy to make naive, desperate people think they could make money appear if they just bought this person's super special $5,000 program to find out how to make money appear!

But, honestly, I've come to believe with all of my heart and soul that manifestation is our human superpower. Everyone has the ability to tap into it, and create any reality imaginable. The problem is, as wee babes, our realities were shaped by the people around us, influencing our thought patterns and belief systems with THEIR thought patterns and belief systems. So if you grew up in a reality of, "Marriage sucks. Don't ever do it. Love is a sham," it may be extra-specially difficult to create a reality of true loving partnership. Ultimately, we need to retrain our brains to be able to BELIEVE that our perfect reality is possible BEFORE we can "manifest" it.

This mini-manifestation course is exactly what I need. I'm manifesting another business partner--I found, ahem, MANIFESTED one to fill that position I was posting about last week!!--and I have some blocks around it that I want to bust through. The course has 5 short videos that each provide a tip on how to cut the crap and get to the real story behind what you want, why you don't have it yet, and how to get it, fast. I highly recommend checking it out! It was a swift kick in the pants for me to take some inspired action.

This is what the Lucky Bitch looks like!  (Denise Duffield-Thomas)


I almost don't go to the baths today cause I don't finish my morning duties until about 2:30 pm and have coaching calls starting at 5 pm. But in the final moment, I decide I am gonna fly over there for a 90-minute sesh. It is a 70-degree day, so it will get me out of the house, and it will also help with the (crazy amounts of) soreness from yesterday's kickass yoga class.


Aaaaaand, the sesh is amazing, as usual. Tuesdays are much less crowded, no tourists with screaming babies, and a lot more personal soaking space.

Highlight of my day: walking by a dude at the baths blow drying his balls in the hallway. Only in Budapest? (Come on, gentlemen, be honest.)

After I return home and complete my calls, I ready myself to walk along the Danube to the Parliament, catching the sunset along the way. HOLY SMOKES, did I capture some glory. This city is unREAL.


The Hungarian Parliament is one of THE most beautiful buildings my eyes have ever beheld.

Humans are freaking amazing. Someone designed and BUILT this structure so it wouldn't come crumbling down. And on top of that, they made it look like art. Just, wow.


As is becoming a bad habit, I didn't eat enough before I left the house, so I find myself uncomfortably famished after my trip uptown. I wander around looking for a spot to unwind, and my main wish is that there be outdoor seating at whatever eating establishment I find. I stumble upon a few places, but nothing speaks to me. I walk all the way back home, and locate a restaurant that's on my must-try list, but they only have indoor seating AND they are full.

I keep meandering, getting to the point where a Burger King sign looks like an oasis. Finally, I see a place with seats outside, and I steal a table. Sadly, my stomach drops when I realize it's a tourist trap. Oh the fuck well, it's my best option. And funnily enough, Lucky Bitch lady taught me earlier that I must be VERY specific with my desires so I don't manifest the Canal-street knock-off version, but I get the real Gucci leather instead (I really try not to buy leather, or Gucci, but you get what I mean). Well played, Universe. Lesson learned. I'll get crystal-flipping clear, just you wait.