Healing Journey - Day 34

For the past few nights, I've been having some seriously vivid and symbolic dreams. It's like the combination of New Moon power coupled with menstruating lady power is creating an imagination superpower.

In this morning's dream, I found myself stuck in the midst of a Warlock colony, and one of the Warlocks was a scary terrorist of a creature. Ironically, he was hiding from someone very powerful, and someone (me) in the castle where he dwelled called that very powerful someone and tipped off where the Warlock was hiding. I felt guilty but I knew it was time for the Warlock to be discovered. A few hours later, the doorbell rang, and an unsuspecting servant answered the door. The very powerful someone revealed herself from behind a Game-of-Thrones type of "A-Girl-Has-No-Name" mask, and an amulet around her neck pierced the darkness with a glowing white light. She touched the light and the servant went down for the count. The Warlock came to the door to see what the commotion was about and saw who it was--an even-more-powerful-than-him Warlock princess with a black marking on her forehead and a coiled gold-plated snake as a crown. He was shocked and scared and pleaded for her to spare him; he knew the hiding was over, and he'd have to reveal his true self. As much as she felt for him, she had to do her duty. She was going to remove his anger and protective facade, and he'd be utterly and completely vulnerable. Then I woke up.

Pretty sure my experience at the Diosgyor Castle last week was the inspiration. 

Given all of the ancestral clearing and emotional release I've been engaged in over the past few weeks, this dream is ripe with symbolism. It would seem to me that the someone who tipped off the very powerful Princess symbolizes the scared, intimidated part of myself that knows it's time to be freed of repressed shame, guilt, anger, and fear, and take down the protective shell. My more powerful Princess self is ready to step up to the challenge. No Warlock is keeping this girl oppressed.

After that dream, it seemed appropriate to start my new morning oil ritual, which is meant to help me clear negative energy, set strong boundaries, and speak my truth.


 Lavender, the Oil of Communication: applied over the throat chakra.

 Melaleuca, the Oil of Energetic Boundaries: applied from inside the elbow crease to the wrist.

 Petitgrain, the Oil of Ancestry: applied over the solar plexus.

White Fir, the Oil of Generational Healing: 2-3 drops in a cool-mist diffuser, or 1 drop in palm, rubbed together with Lemongrass, and inhaled.

Lemongrass, the Oil of Cleansing: 1 drop in a cool-mist diffuser, or 1 drop in palm, rubbed together with White Fir, and inhaled.


*I always dilute with fractionated coconut oil. Better safe than sorry. I also do not go into direct sunlight for at least 12 hours after applying Petitgrain or Lemongrass as they can make your skin photosensitive. While these 2 oils are not necessarily deemed phototoxic by many experts, there is still a possibility of sensitivity, so I err on the side of caution.

I've been particularly drawn to the Petitgrain--in fact, it feels like human catnip to me. Guess what the emotional qualities of this oil are?!?!?!

Almost fell off my chair when I read this. Completely and utterly aligned with supporting the ancestral clearing sessions, and my body intuitively craved it! HUMANS ARE A GLORIOUS MAGICAL MYSTERY.

I'm DRAGGING today.

Both drained from the Flo and amped up from visions of Warlocks and Princesses, my body doesn't know what it wants. I went to bed at 3:15 am and woke up at 8:15 am, and took a mini 10-minute catnap at some point--just long enough to energize myself out of bed and start my morning liquid routine. I promised myself I'd go to yoga yesterday, but I was not feeling strong enough. So, today's scheduled class was happening, come hell or high water.

Did you know that thoroughly researching the Museum of Ice Cream and then waiting in an online queue for an hour to buy tickets is a legit reason why one cannot attend the yoga class that's been on their schedule for the last five days?



I want to do the yoga. I need the yoga. But I don't want to go to the yoga. Suddenly, a genius idea hits straight from above. The internets!

I can download a free class and do it here, and save myself about 45 minutes of travel time to and from the location, and I don't have to get soaking wet in the chilly Spring rain since all of my umbrellas broke. And, I also don't have to get dressed. Who doesn't love some naked yoga?

Quickly search Google for a 30-minute class, and I find one that looks perfect. I am psyched!

Then I get really distracted with work, and by the time I'm ready to do the session, I'm too hungry. 

I'm giving myself a pass because I have been extra low energy due to my cycle, and it was seriously friggin nice not to leave the house today or do anything stressful, and instead lounge around like baller diva in my most-favorite satin kimono. And it is 9:44 pm my time when I'm typing these words, so it means I really and truly have no excuse not to go to bed before midnight. Wish me luck. (Pray hard for me.)

Staring at this image before bed to call in more Princess-like dreams rather than Warlock ones.