European Healing Journey - Day 10


Greens GALORE today.

I found the sweetest American-friendly cafe today in my neighborhood called Wild + The Moon.

I planted myself there at 1 PM, and didn't leave until 6 PM. It was calm and peaceful and filled with vibrant plants, and I got into a serious work groove.

Started my day there with a perfectly crafted green juice, followed an hour later by their Matcha Latte veggie milk with only 4 ingredients - Matcha, Almond Milk, Dates and Sea Salt.

Stayed for lunch, and had a DELISH gluten-free foccacia sandwich with avocado and some other tasty ingredients that I did not identify cause I housed the sandwich in like 5 seconds.

After 5 hours there, I needed a change of scenery, so I stopped at a cute spot right next to the apartment building. They had fresh salads (pictured above), and I got so excited about everything I was seeing in their to-go fridge, that I excitedly knocked over one of the salad containers and spilled quinoa ALLLLL over their beautiful restaurant floor. A very unamused restaurant owner was left to sweep up all the tiny grains that scattered over every square inch of the place. I paid for my goods - split the cost of the mess with the cashier - and sheepishly ran away. But, damn, the salad was good.

I didn't get to do much exploring today because Mondays are usually booked solid with webinars and coaching calls, and today was no exception. I spent a good chunk of the day planning for my webinar series, and I'd love for you to watch today's webinar on emotional health!

Thankfully, because I packed in the work today, I'll have more freedom this week to galavant around the city. IT IS FRIGGIN GORGEOUS HERE. Spring has arrived, and the people are out and ready to bask in the glory of good weather.