European Healing Journey - Day 11


The day started late for me. I was up until 3 AM Paris time doing work. I will admit, I am a bit of a workaholic, but I love my job so it doesn't feel like work.

I got up around 11:30 AM and out of the house at 2 PM after doing more work.

I headed back to Wild + The Moon for a juice, and then decided to be in the present, no planning, and wander around the area wherever my instinct led me.

First, I stumbled upon Marche des Enfants Rouges, and it was completely empty. Likely the threat of rain scared the tourists away. It was adorable, and I'll definitely be back over there for some Moroccan food and to buy some flowers.


Next, I found myself at the Place de la Republique. Skateboarders and homeless folk swarmed the place, and it felt pretty chaotic. But the monument in the square is breathtaking. I started getting seriously hungry after only having had a juice in 4 hours of waking time, so I went in search of food, and found a cute place called Fringe - the first picture of this post is what I ate there, a simple salad with avocado and fresh, raw veggies.


Surprise! I went back home to do more work!

After a couple hours, my salad-eating high wore off, and I got crazy hungry again. I took a recommendation from one of my Paris-loving friends, and walked down the street to Nanashi.

Not speaking any French is making me sweat. I get all nervous when someone talks to me, and I can't even remember which is the word for thank you vs. please. I just smile and nod and point and pretend I'm just very shy and quiet. So when I walked into the place, I didn't know what to do or where to go. I sort of hovered by the door pretending I was very interested in the menu, which I had no idea what it said, until someone asked me something in French, to which I did not respond for a good 5 seconds. Eventually, he realized I spoke English, and escorted me to a table in the back. He made a recommendation of what to eat--the salmon bento box--and I ordered a glass of Rose to calm down my nerves and soothe my embarrassment.

The food was flipping fantastic. So fresh, delicately flavored, and exactly what I needed. And everyone was speaking English around me! I'm not a rude American--or at least not the only one! I wish I had more time to go back, but there are too many places to try!!!! BYEEEEEE!