Healing Journey - Day 12



I was up until 6 AM Paris time this morning finishing my taxes.

Why on Goddess' green Earth do I do this to myself every damn year? 

I started calculating deductions around 10 PM last night after coming up with every reason all throughout the day of why other tasks were a priority. Finally, with a glass of Rose in my blood, I was out of my head enough to just friggin start already. 

Figuring it would only take an hour or 2, I dove into the spreadsheet I downloaded from Mint--which is a pretty sweet itemization program, and FREE. Apparently, I spent a helluva lot of money on my biz last year since it took me EIGHT ALMIGHTY HOURS to categorize and total everything.

Makes sense, though. It was the first year without a steady job. You gotta invest. Fortunately my corporate job afforded me a handsome savings account that I have successfully and proudly drained to launch a life of freedom.

I forced myself up at 12:30 PM so I could at least enjoy part of the day. Yesterday, I posted on my Facebook page looking for recommendations of what to see and do, so I decided to not think about anything, and just follow instructions.

First stop was a kale, celery, apple, cucumber juice--pictured above--from Bob's Juice Bar. I also snagged a gluten-free muffin, not because I really wanted it, but because there was a minimum to use a credit card. However, I broke into it when I got home from my day, and it turned out to be one of the best muffins I've ever had the pleasure of devouring. This is why I have no pic--gone in 60 seconds (or less).

A lovely new Facebook friend outlined today's itinerary. After juicing, I strolled over to Holybelly, and sat at a communal table in the back. It was bright and welcoming, and I caught the tail end of lunch, thankfully--kitchen closes at 2:15 PM on the dot. The food was simple, and glorious. Fluffy and flavorful scrambled eggs, mushrooms sauteed with fresh herbs, crispy hashbrowns, and irresistible crusty bread and butter. I ate some. It was not gluten-free. Pray for me and my poor tummy.  

Fortunately, Peppermint oil and some digestive enzymes with a special anti-gluten enzyme saved the day.

Following lunch, a previously cloudy and chilly day began to warm up, so I wandered over to the Canal St. Martin, and caught a bit of sun.

And as a good follower, I took New-Facebook friend's advice of grabbing a coffee at Ten Belles, right across the canal. Though I must admit, I don't drink coffee, so I got a green tea that was apparently imported directly from Japan ( but aren't they all?). I fell in love with the gluten-free muffins behind the glass case, but I did not buy one because I would eat it and I already bought a chocolate muffin earlier today. I'm supposed to be on a healing journey, and while muffins may heal my emotional heart, it's only momentary. BUT JUST LOOK WHAT I RESISTED.

I had to run home for a voiceover job--ACTING IN PARIS! MY DREAM LIFE IS REAL--and on the way, I popped into Du Pain et des Idees to marvel at the carefully crafted works of glutenous art. Escargot! With chocolate and pistachio! What a cruel, cruel world.

Did the voiceover job, checked off some to-do-list items, hopped on a coaching call, ate the perfect chocolate muffin, and snapped shots of the sunset and the Eiffel Tower all lit up. It's now 10:45 PM here, and I'm clocking out early tonight. Tomorrow is museum day!