Healing Journey - Day 14


I woke up before noon today!!! Sacrebleu!

Grabbed a juice at Wild and The Moon, and made my way over to the Louvre. I couldn't handle going in, so I watched a bunch of tourists stand on boxes and squeeze the tip of the museum. Then I crossed the Seine and went to the Musee D'Orsay. I've been to the Louvre before but not the MO, so I was excited--also because the line was a 1/3 of the Louvre' length.


I spent a LONG time in this place. Not in the restaurant but in the art part. I stumbled upon an Art Nouveau section dedicated strictly to furniture, and I became eternally smitten. I took pics of everything because I'm planning to either move, or completely reinvent my space when I get back to LA in May, and I wanted every single style that was showcased. I show none of those pictures here because they are my secret inspiration stash, and you'll just have to come visit me in LA to see how I splash the images all over my apartment instead. Once I extracted myself from this section, I almost left before realizing that the main event was the Kandinsky/Monet exhibit, and I'm so glad I saw it before I split..

Around 5 PM, I lost steam and went in search of calories. I popped into Patisserie Viennois and enjoyed a snack. Before the sun set, I made a loop around Luxembourg Gardens, and then had a gummy-worm-infused cocktail at Le Crocodile. Immediately following, I stopped at 10 Bar for a Sangria. About 30 minutes later, I decided to splurge, on the recommendation of a colleague, and went to KGB for dinner. Sacre BLEUR. So flipping delicious. I still can't believe it was less than 100 euros. Easily, in NYC, it would have been $100-150 with the wine I had. 

I had aspirations of meeting charming Parisians and going dancing, but this Jersey girl is PTFO.