Healing Journey - Day 15

I nearly lost my mind today, it was so beautiful in Paris. Everyone else was losing their minds, too. Lines a mile long for gelato, waves of marijuana smoke, screaming children, overstuffed trash bins, blatant sexual tension, in many cases blatant sexual expression. The animals were finally freed from winter's prison, and they took full liberties all throughout La Marais.

As per usual, I woke up in the afternoon--at 1:30 PM to be exact--and I grabbed a juice and avocado tartines at Season. I really had no agenda today, so I could indulge in intuitive exploration.

After a coaching call, I set out for narrow, winding side-streets that reminded me of SoHo in New York, and weaved and jostled my way through seemingly endless crowds of freedom- (and ice cream-) hungry tourists and locals. 

It was exciting to get lost in the city. I mean, I never got actually lost, but I lost my schedule and let go of expectations. I moved forward, completely in the moment and for the sake of the experience, nothing else.

Divine, is the best way to describe it. I cannot image a more perfect day, or more perfect weather.

Aside from indulging in exploration, I also indulged in sweets. Not quite in the healing plan, but that doesn't technically start until Budapest. Paris is a warm-up. And compared to my London trip, I'm doing an amazing job of keeping it healthy. So, I went to 2 of the most renowned sweet spots, and got myself some chocolates from Jacques Genin and macarons from Pierre Herme.


I walked a TON today. Especially after sweets, I needed to move it. I hoofed it over to Ile Saint Louis, and rested my sugar-infused bones at the Saint Regis, where I nursed a savory cocktail.

Around this time, a friend texted me warning that in no way, shape or form should I leave Paris without going to La Mosquee. That was the 3rd friend to point me in that direction, so I took it as a sign that it should be my next stop. Plus, I was close.

I speed-walked over there since I only had about 90 minutes before I had to be at the Bastille for an evening boat ride on the Seine. I arrived in about 15 minutes from departing the cocktail spot, and I sat in the restaurant at the back. 

First course was a simple mixed green salad, followed by a tagine with olive, lemon and chicken. The highlight of the meal was the mint tea served in intricately adorned glasses. I savored every drop. 

With only 20 minutes to spare before the boat departure, I high-tailed it over the bridge, snagged some shots of the sunset, got lost for a minute, and then finally arrived at the embarcation site.

THE BOAT TRIP WAS STUNNING. Gorgeous views. Relaxing. A lovely way to spend a romantic evening alone.