What are people saying about Amanda's coaching?

"I knew I needed not only a different approach to my diet, but to my body as a whole after my third time on the South Beach diet-- each time losing a couple pounds and then gaining them back, and each time feeling a bit more weak and unsettled on the diet. I realized the real issue was my relationship to my body, not losing that last five pounds, and I began researching nutritionists. At that same time, I happened to receive an e-mail with a referral to Amanda, and I thought her program sounded interesting. After our free initial meeting (which most nutritionists I found wouldn't do), I knew this was the program I needed in my life at that time.

Over the course of the six months working with Amanda, I not only began to cook more and try new foods, I also began to listen to my body and what it needed. She helped to show me that a diet eliminating carbs or sugar completely ultimately would backfire, and offered natural alternatives. As an actress, I know that my body is a big part of my "castability", and the ugly truth is that I have to maintain a certain weight in order to get roles. Amanda helped me shed some pounds, but not by depriving myself of anything, but simply altering the foods I was eating, and when.

I learned about Eastern techniques to food, such as Ayurveda, and when something picqued my interest, Amanda would send me more information and materials on the subject. I loved that every session, Amanda would bring some supplement to the topic at hand, be it a new food with a recipe to make it, or a book for me to read. I found her to be truly caring, dedicated and professional. She is also one of the best listeners I have met, making me feel completely comfortable sharing the most intimate of things concerning my relationship to my body. We also addressed my life and career goals, and together made practical plans for making things happen. I was inspired by her approach to life, and my thinking began to change as far as my goals and taking the steps necessary to acheive them.

I continue to learn and progress, but had I not been given the tools Amanda provided me with, I know I would still be frusturatedly yo-yo dieting. Now, I enjoy my food and appreciate my body-- and though it's a lifelong journey, Amanda's program truly gave me a new view of myself and my body."

Ellen, Actress


"Amanda believed in what I could accomplish if I just took the time to think about my mind and my body and how the kind of foods I was supplying myself with would affect both. She encouraged me to try new foods that I would have never tried before and discouraged me from using foods that were negatively affecting my moods. She gave me reason to eat healthily other than 'it's good for you.' She allowed me to understand how each and every food I was consuming was affecting my body, mind, moods, and behavior.

After this six-month program, I now understand which foods do and do not work for me. I had never realized how powerful food is until I entered myself into her program. Amanda has given me the tools and knowledge of food as well as the motivation and encouragement necessary for me to accomplish my goals to become a competitive bodybuilder. Without her support and program, I would have never made the changes in my life necessary not only to be successful in the sport, but successful as a happy human being as well. I highly recommend anyone to at least give her a trial, because I will put my life on it that she will be able to change your life in the most positive way."

Kevin, Amateur Bodybuilder


"It's been a real relief to have had Amanda's expert guidance. Within the extent of one session, she was able to pinpoint the parts of my life in which I desired change, and to design tactics to implement those changes.

After years of warped views of food and body image, I've settled into myself, developed the practice of mindful eating, and been able to incorporate reasonable exercise habits into my otherwise harried schedule. With Amanda's help, I've become much more sensitive and adept at creating the context for my best overall health. She is a thoughtful listener and an excellent advisor."

Merritt, Architect